In Memory of
Richard Keith Singleton
February 23, 1936
September 7, 2000

History of Richard (Dick) Singleton's life
This is mostly information from his records and Resume.
If you know of other significant events in his life that are
not yet listed here, please send information (see
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23 February 1936 Richard was born at Merritt Hospital in Oakland California to Frank Alan Singleton and Gertrude Elizabeth Singleton (Bensen). Photos
1 December 1953 Enlisted in the United States Coast Guard for Reserve duty until honorably discharged 12 June 1959.
1955 Richard married Audrey Joyce Gilkison in Oakland, California. They were married until 1960. Photos 
1956 Richard's daughter, Wendy was born.

1958 Richard's son Leland was born.
1955-1959 Richard was Chief Draftsman/Checker/Draftsman for Friden Calculating Machine Co San Leandro California. His Resume said: Supervisor of drafting department and 27 member staff; including personnel, scheduling and budget duties. Interfacing with all manufacturing departments. Production drawings for mechanical calculators. Design of equipment configuration, documentation and instruction manuals for all shipping and packaging systems.
1959-1962 Richard was a Mechanical Designer for Lawrence Radiation Labs, Livermore, California. His Resume said: Equipment design for individual scientific experiments using hazardous materials. Design accessory mechanical components to work with the pool type nuclear reactor. Design of static testing equipment for nuclear devices. Detailed manufacturing drawings of nuclear devices.
1962 Richard married Sharon Kay Kirsher in Berkeley, California. They were married until 19??.

1962 Richard was a Survey Computer/Engineer for Holmes and Narver, Christmas Island weapons test site. His Resume said: Responsible for eight survey team computations. The creation of and maintaining of the master survey points and scientific station site map; as well as the publication of all test drop angles and distances to scientific stations. Responsible for locating all underground construction hazards, utility paths and approving all civil construction plans and locations accordingly.
1962-1963 Richard was a Mechanical Designer/Modelmaker for Dymo Industries, Berkely, California. His Resume said: Design and development of new consumer products. Mechanical design. Manufacturing interfacing through production.
1963-1967 Richard was a student at the Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles, California. His Resume said he was there for 7 semesters with a 3.7 g.p.a.
1967-1968 Richard was a Corporate Industrial Designer for Western Data Products, Santa Monica, California. His Resume said: Product design projects of in company credit card and ticketing systems for Blue Cross and Illinois Central Railroad.
1968-1978 Richard was the owner of Industrial Design Company in Beverly Hills and Sunnyvale, California. His Resume said:
Design: Consumer and specialized products from development through engineering drawings.
Exhibits: Design and construction of industrial travelling show exhibits, point of purchase exhibits, and permanent corporate and museum exhibits.
Models: Development and construction of product, prototype, architectural, presentation and analysis models.
Clients: NASA, Lockheed Missiles and Space, many electronics firms, movie studios, and Industrial Design offices.
1978-1981 Richard was a Special Project, Model and Effects Supervisor for Astra Image/Paramount Pictures, Hollywood, California. His Resume said: Supervisor of development and construction of space ship scale miniatures and special effect components for 'Star Trek The Motion Picture'. Portfolio
1981-1985 Richard was a Special Project, Model and Effects Supervisor for all motion picture and television studios, Hollywood, California. His Resume said: Development and construction of motion picture sets, props, miniatures and special effects equipment. Last film '2010'. Portfolio
1985-1992 Richard was a Consultant/Designer for Desience Corporation, Malibu, California. His Resume said: New product development and manufacturing interface. Design, development, engineering, documentation, budget and purchasing for a computer room network furniture system.
1992-1995 Richard was a Exhibit Production Designer for various companies. His Resume said:
Design and documentation of a circa 1865 Pennsylvania hard coal gravity railroad exhibit; including moving trains, track system, cable system, buildings and canal with moving barge. (National Park Service, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Design, Development and model of a giant dichroic glass mobile, Development of futuristic city model/exhibit. (Future in Electricity Expo, Souel, Korea)
Design, fabrication engineering documentation, and manufacturing interface of new exhibits for new building enlargement. (Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California)
1995-2000 Richard was a Security Guard for Pinkerton, Sunnyvale, California. He was also sending out resumes for graphics & design work during this time but felt that his age was being factored against him in some cases. He was also taking computer courses because he felt he needed some improvement in those areas for his skills to be more marketable.
7 September 2000 Richard suffered sudden complete cardiac arrest while shopping at a movie rental store. A memorial service was held a few days later. As per his wishes expressed to his children and other relatives, his body was cremated and his ashes scattered.
29 December 2001 Richard's daughter Wendy and son Leland scattered his ashes on the island of Maui Hawaii a few miles from the summit of Haleakala. The day was dreary and rainy and misty up until the moment we finished scattering his ashes. But the moment we were done the mist blew past and a rainbow appeared. Video:

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